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Colt Cabana:I wanna talk about your dad!
Zack Ryder:I love him.
CM Punk:This is exactly why I walked into this studio. I was trying to think of… I don’t think anyone realizes, even through your Youtube channel, what a gem you are, just what a goldmine you are and if I was in charge of World Wrestling Entertainment, the things I would do and you, you would be a millionaire.
Zack Ryder:Thank you.
CM Punk:And I would be a billionaire. I want you to tell, actually, you know what, I’m just going to tell this story. Your father, I remember, I don’t know what the show was but I remember myself and Gallows coming over to pick you up, you being excited, deciding to show us your room, your toy collection. Every wrestling buddy… Any, like, I’m not exaggerating when I say this, any piece of merchandise that was ever made, he had. He had every foam replica belt, every just, like, everything. And he was showing us all and as I was walking, I was like, wow, he had a lot of cool stuff. I mean, there was a lot of lame stuff too, you know but he had the cool stuff and as I was looking at it, as Gallows and I are looking at this, all of a sudden, there’s this ruckus as Zack Ryder’s father runs into the room with a spoon and a, like, a pot and a pan and he’s banging the spoon on the pot and just screaming, banging and I was, like, “what is this guy doing?” and he runs up to Gallows and he’s just banging away on this pot, like, “Haaaa” and we’re looking at him, like, what?
Colt Cabana:Like a ring bell?
CM Punk:Yeah, and he goes, and you can just see where he’s like a chip off the old block, like, he was disappointed that Gallows didn’t go into full Festus mode and he was like, “what? Festus! I’m ringing the ring bell! I’m ringing the ring bell!” and I’m just like, “Oh My God”… This guy… This guy… And I could just never imagine this man, not only getting married but having sex with a woman and clearly, he’s done it because his offspring is showing me his toy collection. It was so awesome. That’s it.